Bhadraj an experience

Bhadraj Trek


Bhadraj Hill Trek is a good, well-balanced trek for the adventure seeker. One of the best weekend treks in Mussoorie, it can be done in one or two days. The journey to Dudhli Village is called Milkman’s journey, as it helps supply milk to the town every day. You’re most likely to be envious of the milkman considering he gets to start his day in such a lovely way. All along with the crazy views of the mountains, plains slope down on either side, while Himalayan ranges views sit near in the distance.


bhadraj temple


picture by Aditya Maurya

instagram @rollingmemories


Going for this trek in the months of monsoon & winter was really a blessing. Snows make it even better the views are awe-inspiring. We see it all during our entire journey.
Instagram @rollingmemories

A highly recommended heavenly experience in Mussoorie with BitPayTrip. The trek is a long one so it has so many views to cover and the highlight of our trekking was to see the true mountain experience. We are so happy that we went to Bhadraj and had a wonderful time.


The duration of the Bhadraj trek is 2 -1 day/night. On the first day of the trek, you start your trek at 8 AM from Mussoorie and go towards Dhudhli. You enjoy your camping for the night and then on the second day, you go from Dhundhli to Bhadraj Temple. Finally, after you enjoy your time, you start your downhill trek again.




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